Big or small? Which is the best bandsaw for the money

Ever wondered which is the best bandsaw for the money? Will it be a big, strong, stationary one or the small, light, portable one?

The bandsaw

The invention of the bandsaw had been well revered as one that has improved and further stepped up the industry involving woodworking, construction, and the like. With more and more coming into workshops either as a means of earning or a hobby (or both) the advent of purchasing one for personal use has been a demand.
Bandsaw, like any other saw, has one primary purpose – to cut or separate. The question now is the W’s that come with it – What? When? How? These determine the kind of bandsaw you’ll need because we don’t want all that money wasted on a bandsaw that does not suit your style or necessities.

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The Big bandsaws

Band Saw
Usually, the big bandsaws are the “bench top” ones that can go more than 20 inches. They come with a work table or have the need for a flat surface to operate. Because of their size and weight, they are typically stationed at one place to be used multiple times.

• Able to cut harder and thicker materials
• Steadier and more durable
• Blades last longer can cut longer and larger stuff
• Pricier, harder to set up
• Difficult to transfer needs room to operate
• Noisy and harder to clean

The Small bandsaws

The kind of bandsaws that are called “mini bandsaws” or simply “small” usually come in 10-14 inches or less. These don’t need a table, though some mini bandsaws also come in benchtop form only smaller. Lightweight and easy to carry around, but lacks a punch in power compared to the big ones.

• Portable and compact, easier set up and operation
• Less expensive, less noise, less cleaning
• Can do precision, smaller cuts
• Less durable and easily wears
• Usually only able to cut smaller, lighter materials
• Blades prone to breakage when used multiple times daily


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